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Brand Strategy

Hand Sanitizer SiteBrand strategy has, thankfully, evolved from the traditional stuffy boardroom me-me-me campaigns to a mighty mix of creative advertising, content creation, and storytelling.

No longer will consumers settle for “in your face” tactics and repetitive ads for brand recognition.

Consumers today want ideas, creative solutions and, yes, entertainment. Consumers weigh peer recommendations heavily and resist blatant advertising for the sake of selling.

Without a unique branding strategy for both online and offline that inspires sharing, brands are doomed for meritocracy, at best.

Mighty Mix Media is well suited to help position your company for today’s fast paced, socially minded, market and excel with sharable content that triggers real-time action, builds brand advocates, and established a meaningful place within the community you serve.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a term that escapes many businesses or conjures up images of infographics and blogging. While both can be forms of content marketing, it requires an effective strategy based on the avatar, your solutions, and your story.

Once we’ve helped you discover the story that needs to be conveyed, we can combine your story into a mighty mix of sharable content, emotionally charged calls to action, and consumer generated content; all within the very networks your target market spends their most cherished time.

Specializing in:

  • Blogging
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Podcasting
  • Image Design
  • Social Media

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About Mighty Mix Media

Mighty Mix Media LogoMighty Mix Media has evolved through several business objectives and rebrands. Starting in 1994 as Common Sense Communications Inc., reselling long distance calling products, eventually moving into online marketing and advertising in 2004. We rebranded as Creative Savories Company several years ago and recently changed to Mighty Mix Media in order to convey our complete range of services; focusing around online marketing and multimedia consulting.

Brian D. HawkinsMy name is Brian D. Hawkins, a solopreneur with over a decade of online business consultant experience. I am heavily involved in blogging, social media and brand development. I have amassed an impressive following, level of online influence, and contacts that help make my services the perfect solution for many businesses that understand the value in storytelling and social sharing but need a little help determining and implementing the best strategy.

Mighty Mix Media is my consulting business. I do have experience with web development, social media marketing, content creation & curation, and many other well sought out online business skills. Those skills, however, are a dime a dozen. Yes, the truth hurts but it’s true. Where I shine is my ability to understand how to take your business objectives, apply that to digital media, find the best solutions and people to carry out the required tasks, and bring in the end result that you demand.

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